Today I showed up for myself

Today I showed up for myself. I committed to a 21-day program to whip my butt back into shape ✊ I didn’t get my workout done until 10:30 tonight, but I did it. I had an array of excuses too.
•I just got back from vacation
•I’m sunburnt
•I’m tired
•I did something to my back (ouch)
•There’s a million other things I should be doing
But guess what?! I still did it.
Guys, something really exciting happened today. I’ve been super nervous but this is my debut as a Beachbody coach.
What does this mean?! I’ll give you the fast pitch. ☝⚾️ Basically I’m going to be here showing up every damn day, for me and for YOU. I’m going to show myself and everyone watching how this program is going to CHANGE my life, and hopefully you’ll join me in the process.
Hello day one, here’s to a better life.